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This is a chair. Obviously. Like most other objects we encounter in life, it has been crafted and put together using specific design patterns. For instance, the length, shape and material of the feet follow a specific design pattern to elevate and keep the chair sturdy. And the back, positioned at the right angle, creates a sense of comfort.

Simple patterns like these become the building blocks of objects, creating specific experiences.

Similarly, this website you’re looking at right now is made up of design patterns as well - UI design patterns. To the top, you’ll see a navigation UI pattern. Lower down on this page you’ll see a form UI pattern. Just like the design patterns used for this chair, UI design patterns become the building blocks of our experience on the internet. 

Now, some of the patterns we encounter on the internet make us feel good and in control. Others leave us angry or frustrated. They might have been poorly designed or have become a subject of trends.

This Pattern is a place where I experiment with and explore some of these UI design patterns. I scour the internet’s furthest corners to hunt down, research and dissect patterns. I then use this information to create UI design patterns that work;  one's that are effective, human-friendly, usable and accessible.

What I put on This Pattern is a hypothesis backed by good research. I remain wary of my assumptions and I’m therefore open to being proven wrong and open to learning new things.

But most importantly, let's learn together.

See you around.

Steyn Viljoen
Cape Town - South Africa

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